Custom Diamonds Engraving Inc.
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                                                           Hunter Special:
        Basic Checkering 4Panel patterns $175 & Free return shipping.
                                  Use Checkering link to see checkering samples.

Custom Diamonds Engraving Inc.  Offers Checkering, and wood engraving services. Metal
engraving Coming soon!! This site is a online portfolio for our services.

Checkering you will see the quality and abundant creativity we can offer you. There are pics
of Basic gunstock checkering, Point patterns, Fleur de lis patterns, Ribbon patterns, and custom
gunstock checkering with detailed Border engraving.

We can recreate any original manufacturer's checkering pattern, or replace with one of our
custom checkering patterns which are just about anything you can imagine.

Contact link will show you are various contact info.

Email contact info to schedule future appointments or call list for fill in work.

                  NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. No refunds. No returns unless work is completed.